I did some math: average prime powers among counting numbers

In the past few days, I’ve seen a couple of good little math problems posted on Twitter. I follow a number of mathematicians, including James Tanton (@jamestanton), who pretty regularly posts math problems that are sometimes easy enough that I have a fair chance of solving them (though he almost never provides any solutions, so it’s sometimes hard to tell if I’ve gotten it right). A couple of days ago, he asked a simple question:

This is not a terribly difficult problem to solve as long as you can sum a particular doubly-infinite series, but summing that series is probably the most interesting part of the problem.

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Emmy on Suicide Prevention at TEDxMileHigh

In June, my wife Emmy Betz gave a fantastic TED talk at TEDxMileHigh about suicide prevention. The video of her talk is now up on YouTube, and I heartily recommend that everyone watch it. It’s a powerful talk about a tremendously important subject, and she did a wonderful job.

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Emmy on the Radio

My amazing wife Emmy Betz was recently interviewed by Ryan Warner of Colorado Public Radio for their regular feature Colorado Matters. The interview focused on Emmy’s research on elderly driving. For those wanting to save a recording of the interview for posterity, CPR exposes the URL to the MP3 file of the interview, though I highly recommend listening to the interview on CPR’s website. Congratulations Emmy!

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We’re back! [sort of]

Due to a server problem, we lost our old website entirely. And the backups. So we’re restarting this website from scratch. We hope to get it up and running in the not-too-distant future, with links to family photos and periodic updates about our goings-on. But it may take awhile. In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy the silence!

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